One Last Shot

One Last Shot
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May 05, 2020
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For as long as he can remember, Malcolm has never felt like he was good enough. Not for his parents, who have always seemed at odds with each other, with Malcolm caught in between. And especially not for his dad, whose competitive drive and love for sports Malcolm has never shared.

That is, until Malcolm discovers miniature golf, the one sport he actually enjoys. Maybe it’s the way in which every hole is a puzzle to be solved. Or the whimsy of the windmills and waterfalls that decorate the course. Or maybe it’s the slushies at the snack bar. But whatever the reason, something about mini golf just clicks for Malcolm. And best of all, it’s a sport his dad can’t possibly obsess over.

Or so Malcolm thinks.

Soon he is signed up for lessons and entered in tournaments. And yet, even as he becomes a better golfer and finds unexpected friends at the local course, be wonders if he might not always be a disappointment. But as the final match of the year draws closer, the tension between Malcolm’s parents reaches a breaking point, and it’s up to him to put the puzzle of his family back together again.

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Putt Putt Saves the Tween*
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*Couldn't resist this title. Is there anyone who remembers the computer game on CD-Rom called Putt Putt Saves the Zoo? My children loved that one!

Malcolm's father was an up and coming baseball player who never made it as far as he wanted to, so he has put his hopes on Malcolm. Malcolm does not enjoy baseball. He feels inept, doesn't get along with his teammates, and feels that he will never be good enough to make his father happy. His mother and father fight a lot, and Malcolm feels like this might be his fault as well. When his father finally lets him quit baseball, they spend the afternoon playing miniature golf. Malcolm does pretty well, so his father changes his focus, and before long Malcolm is practicing all the time and getting lessons from Frank Sanderson, a one time friend of his father's who had a sketchy career in pro golf. Frank is slovenly and talkative, but does a good job improving Malcolm's skills at Fritz's time worn mini gold course. While there, Malcolm meets Lex, who is playing while her mother has a hair appointment across the street, and the two click. This is unusual, because Malcolm has always found it hard to make friends, as has Lex. They both share a love of trivia, and meet several times. Malcolm's parents are glad, but continue to bicker about everything. When his father arranges for Malcolm to play in a tournament, Malcolm has his doubts about his success, but he gives it his best try, even though it looks like his father won't make it. Will Malcolm be able to handle his friendship with Lex, his parents' troubled marriage, and the expectations of his father?
Good Points
It's not easy to find a book about golf, much less miniature golf! Leave it to Mr. Anderson to find a different topic to use to filter one tweens struggle. I have fond memories of playing miniature golf with friends when I was growing up, and it was fascinating to see how there could be competitions for this sport. There need to be a few more golfing books; the only other one I can think of is Feinstein's excellent The Prodigy.

It is far, far more likely that students will be dealing with bickering parents than it is that they will have a parent pass away, yet the majority of middle grade novels kill off the parents. If authors really want to help children process life difficulties, they would write more about parents fighting!

This book was a great mixture of family drama, a light romance, an older mentor (need more of those stories, too) and sports. The cover is fantastic, and the tone light enough that I can sell this as humorous fiction. Another excellent title from Mr. Anderson! Check out his Ms. Bixby's Last Day or The Dungeoneers for more interesting titles on diverse topics!
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