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March 31, 2020
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Bigger than a digger...hungrier than a dinosaur...it's a DIGGERSAUR! This rhyming mash-up of dinosaurs and trucks will delight dino fanatics and construction fans alike.

A dozen dinosaur trucks crunch, scrape, chomp, and rumble through this book as they work on roads and construction sites. Little dinosaur fans will love the inventive names--SCOOPERSAURUS! DUMPERSAURUS!--and rip-roaring sound effects as they count each new Jurassic giant, up to twelve. Whether they are building or demolishing, these helpful Diggersaurs are the coolest things in town!

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charming, delightful, and silly fun!
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DIGGERSAURS is perfect for children who love dinosaurs, construction vehicles, bright colors, and/or fun, rhyming phrases. This book re-imagines construction vehicles as dinosaurs (e.g. diggersaurs) in an unbelievably delightful way. The diggersaurs are introduced in this first book with the type of work they do, such as the excavatorsaurus, who is an excavator, or the dumpersaurus, who is like a dump truck. Each diggersaur has its own sounds and personality that leap off the page.

What I loved: This book has loads of appeal for young readers. From rhyming text to brightly colored images, each page is fun to look at and explore. The text is generally written in large font that is easy for parents to read. There are little bonus stories in the tiny humans that accompany the diggersaurs, and they have their own speech, which parents can choose to read or not. A favorite for our toddler is on the page with the grabbersaurus who munches on rusty cars for lunch, where the small person points out that- hey! that's their truck- getting pulled up. There are plenty of giggles and silly sounds to act out that add to the charm of this story. I can definitely imagine this becoming an incredibly popular series!

Final verdict: Delightful, charming, and silly, DIGGERSAURS is a new favorite for young readers, whether they love construction vehicles, dinosaurs, or just fun stories. This is definitely a book series to watch!
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