Magic Tree House Deluxe Holiday Edition: Christmas in Camelot

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Magic Tree House Deluxe Holiday Edition: Christmas in Camelot
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October 01, 2019
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Includes brand-new full color illustrations! Celebrate Christmas with Jack, Annie, and the Magic Tree House with this oversized, gorgeously illustrated deluxe holiday edition from the #1 bestselling chapter book series.

When Jack and Annie receive an invitation to spend Christmas Eve in Camelot--a magical place that exists only in myth and fantasy--they know they are in for their biggest adventure yet. What they don't know is that the invitation will send them on a quest to save Camelot. Can they succeed even though Camelot's greatest knights have failed?

Did you know that there's a Magic Tree House book for every kid?

Magic Tree House: Adventures with Jack and Annie, perfect for readers who are just beginning chapter books
Merlin Missions: More challenging adventures for the experienced reader
Super Edition: A longer and more dangerous adventure
Fact Trackers: Nonfiction companions to your favorite Magic Tree House adventures

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Jack and Annie get an invitation from "M" to spend Christmas in Camelot, which excites them since they haven't heard from Morgan much lately. They manage to travel there without a book, wishing on the letter. Once there, they find out that things are not good in the kingdom, since the joy has all been sucked out of the area. King Arthur and Morgan are both stymied, since the brave knights were unable to travel to the Otherworld to make things right. When the Christmas Knight appears, he insists that Jack and Annie are up to the task. He gives them verses to help them, and sends them on their way. They manage to rescue the knights, but will they be able to bring joy back to Camelot? This is Magic Tree House #29, but Merlin Missions #1.
Good Points
There is something appealing about Jack and Annie being able to travel to different points in history and get home before anyone knows they are gone. It's not a surprise that my daughters also liked the television show Voyagers! These have about the same premise: travel into the past and fix things. While this is a lot of fun, I always appreciated that a lot of history was also imparted. Some of the books even have nonfiction companions that offer more information on topics like the Titanic.

These new illustrations, and the larger size, are both very appealing, and I can see this being a great gift for big fans of the series. There are a lot of reasons that this series sells 20,000 copies a week!

While I felt very old when I read the publicity information that talks about "parents who grew up with Magic Treehouse and want to share the adventure with their kids", there is no denying that these books have a lot of appeal to young readers.
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Holiday Adventure in Camelot!
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Jack and Annie are so excited when they receive a Royal Invitation to attend Christmas in Camelot! However, they only find disappointment when they arrive. King Arthur and crew will not be celebrating Christmas this year because someone has put a spell on the kingdom that removes all joy.

Someone has to travel to the Otherworld in order to save Camelot. King Arthur has already lost three of his best knights who haven't returned from the Otherworld, so he refuses to send any more. It's up to Jack and Annie to save Camelot once again.

Jack and Annie have to rely on each other to get to the Otherworld and back safely and I love how well they work together. The illustrations are absolutely stunning and I love how everything fits together as the story unfolds. Overall, CHRISTMAS IN CAMELOT is a fun adventure about two siblings who always do what's right and use their heads to solve the various problems they come across. Young fans of Arthurian legend won't want to miss this and it's also perfect with the holiday season upon us.

Final Verdict: I recommend this to fans of adventures, holiday stories, Arthurian legend, and siblings working together.
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