Gabby Garcia's Ultimate Playbook (Gabby Garcia #1)

Gabby Garcia's Ultimate Playbook  (Gabby Garcia #1)
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May 07, 2017
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If life were a baseball game, all-star pitcher Gabby Garcia would be having her Best. Season. EVER! Until she’s suddenly sent to another school and her winning streak is about to disappear—both on and off the field.

But Gabby never gives up! She has a PLAN to keep her champion status intact, and every step of is written out—PLAY by PLAY. How could it not work?

This new series written by Iva-Marie Palmer is filled with funny illustrations, sports facts, and blooper-reel moments that will have readers laughing and rooting for more.

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Gabby's year is going very well, and she's just about to make the most brilliant baseball play of her life when her world comes crashing down-- the principal tells everyone that the area around the school must be evacuated because of asbestos. Even worse, the students will all have to go to other schools! Gabby has to go to the private Piper Bell school. She has a plan, which she details in her "playbook" (which is not a diary!). She wears her baseball jersey so the kids know who she is, but all does not go well. She is called a "Luther polluter" and has a disastrous time at practice. It's late in the season, but the coach gives her a try; things just don't go well. When she tries to bring cookies to school, her lunch explodes all over them, further damaging her social credibility. Eventually, she decides to play hockey for the most disorganized team on the planet. The real advantage of the hockey team seems to be that the players all have a "special talent", and it's decided that Gabby will be the team poet. She is leery of this, but agrees to try. Of course, her need to do a poetry event is in conflict with a hockey one, and she needs to decide how she will handle it.
Good Points
I really liked Gabby. She's sort of a more realistic Big Nate. She means well, she has a plan, but things don't seem to work out for her. She has a supportive family, her best friend is away but occasionally in contact, and she is passionate about sports. She also has some of the realistic flaws that middle school students have-- she has unrealistic expectations, she doesn't think things through quite as much as she should, and she's mortified when things don't go well. She's willing to face consequences, however-- there is a very nice scene where she feeds the neighbor's dog chicken with mole sauce, which sickens the dog, and she admits to doing this, not realizing that the mole sauce would make the dog sick. I always need more books with girls playing sports, and this has a great cover, and the interior illustrations are nice.
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