Nikki Tesla and the Ferret-Proof Death Ray

Nikki Tesla and the Ferret-Proof Death Ray
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July 09, 2019
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"Let the official record show that, I, Nikki Tesla, did not intend to destroy the world."

There are only so many times a kid can invent an instrument of global destruction without getting grounded. So when Nikki's death ray accidentally blows up her bedroom (if you can call a pet ferret with an itchy trigger finger an accident), she's sent to the only place that can handle her. Genius Academy is a school for history's greatest brains. Leo da Vinci? Charlotte Darwin? Bert Einstein? All extraordinary. Yet even among her fellow prodigies, Nikki feels like an outsider thanks to a terrible secret she can't let anyone discover. Ever.

But when her death ray is stolen, Nikki must stop worrying about fitting in and learn to play nice with her new classmates. Because it doesn't take a genius to track a thief around the world, outwit the authorities, and keep a French fry fanatic ferret happy. It takes all of them.

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Espionage, Action and Ferret-Proof Death Rays Made for an Exciting Middle Grade Novel
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Nikki Tesla is an espionage novel for pre-teens. It’s exciting, engaging, and utterly unique.

Nikki Tesla is a genius; except she doesn’t feel very smart when she burns a hole through the floor of her house with a death ray she invented.

It's the last straw. Her mother can’t handle Nikki’s level of genius, or the weapons that could pulverize her house. So, she signs Nikki up for Genius Academy—a school for misfit geniuses.

It’s there that Nikki’s genius, trust, and patience for mischievous pet ferrets is tested.

This was a fun book with solid characters. Though there were several characters; every single one of them felt as solid as the next. No single character was more important than the next; instead, the author made every character significant for some part of the progression of the story and plot.

There is mystery, intrigue, espionage, and even a little bit of romance. If you’re not comfortable with crushes in middle-grade fiction, take note of that.

The overall mission-based plot served a dose of excitement that will keep the reader invested.

Young readers will be excited by the story, with kids at the helm. The book ends in a cliffhanger of sorts, all the while feeling wrapped up and complete. Two thumbs up.
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