Amelia Fang and the Unicorns of Glitteropolis (Amelia Fang, #2)

Amelia Fang and the Unicorns of Glitteropolis (Amelia Fang, #2)
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July 30, 2019
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The second book in a hilarious heavily illustrated middle-grade series for reluctant readers starring a vampire girl, Amelia Fang. Welcome to the world of Nocturnia, where darkness reigns supreme, glitter is terrifying, and unicorns are the stuff of nightmares!

Amelia Fang and her friends love their dark and gloomy world of Nocturnia. But when Tangine's mom, Queen Fairyweather, goes missing, they must brave the journey to the terrifying Kingdom of the Light.

With fairies and angel-kittens lurking around every corner, who can they trust? And will they finally uncover the real villain keeping the kingdoms of Light and Dark mortal enemies?

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delightful quest with fun characters
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AMELIA FANG AND THE UNICORNS OF GLITTEROPOLIS is ultimately about harmful stereotypes, problems with misinformation, and the subversion of overly autocratic/dictatorship governments. On the surface, it is an adorable story about Amelia Fang, a vampire, and the seemingly dark monsters (yeti, grim reaper, pumpkin pet) of Nocturnia who travel to the land of the light creatures (e.g. leprechauns, unicorns, fairies). They are going in search of Tangine's mother, a creature of the light who married a creature of dark to create Tangine. She was captured when Tangine was young, and they believe she is being held somewhere in Glitteropolis, the capitol of the land of the light.

Once they arrive, finding Glitteropolis will be no easy task, but the team is up to the challenge. However, what they discover is an even bigger problem that affects both worlds. They will need to figure out how to stop it all before the paths out of Glitteropolis are destroyed forever.

What I loved: The story is really delightful all the way through with high appeal for middle grade and chapter book readers. Every single page has some type of illustration (some are full page and others are half or less) which will really appeal to the elementary school aged audience. The text is larger font and easy to read, which is great for children who are getting into chapter books. Add that to the fun story, and this is a book with high appeal. The messages were also really interesting and some are really important, such as standing up for what you believe in and not buying into stereotypes (e.g. the light and dark creatures have many misconceptions about the others that makes peace impossible).

I would add a note to say that these books are best read in order, as there are a lot of characters and this book launches right into the action. The first book helps to give the background needed.

Final verdict: A delightful middle grade read about mythical creatures with many fantastic illustrations, this chapter book is perfect for younger readers. Highly recommend for middle grade fantasy lovers looking for a new, fun series.
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