Mulan: The Legend of the Woman Warrior

Mulan: The Legend of the Woman Warrior
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September 10, 2019
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Mulan, the legendary woman warrior, comes to life in this empowering retelling of The Ballad of Mulan with stunning full-color illustrations by New York Times bestseller Joy Ang.

Mulan loves nothing more than her family. She will do anything for them—even if it means joining the army in her ageing father’s place. Since girls are not allowed in the army, Mulan cleverly disguises herself as a man. But she must look deep within herself to find her might and her courage.

Faye-Lynn Wu and Joy Ang turn this ancient Chinese ballad into an uplifting, empowering ode to young girls everywhere, showing that true strength comes from within, regardless of appearance, inspiring a new generation of women warriors. The book also includes the original ballad.

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Retelling of the Original Ballad of Mulan
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When Mulan's father receives a summoning to join the emperor's army, Mulan knows he's too old to make it through the war. She insists to go in his place because she is a strong and able woman. Reluctantly, her family agrees so Mulan disguises herself as her father to join the other men in the army.

During the war, Mulan spends years and years rising up in the ranks and leads many men to victory. She does all of this hiding the truth about being a woman and she doesn't falter because she is strong and able. When everything is over, she doesn't want a place in the high court. Instead, she just wants to return to her family that she's missed dearly and they welcome her with open arms.

MULAN: THE LEGEND OF THE WOMAN WARRIOR is a retelling of the original ballad of Mulan. It's different from the Disney movie we're used to which I love. Instead of sneaking out, her parents know she joins the war. The illustrations are stunning and I enjoyed this retelling of Mulan. I also love how the men's reactions after they find out she's a woman after the war is over.

Final Verdict: I recommend this story to fans of Asian culture, legends, and strong women.
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