The Jumbie God's Revenge (The Jumbies, #3)

The Jumbie God's Revenge (The Jumbies, #3)
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September 03, 2019
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In book three of the popular Jumbies series, Corinne must use her emerging supernatural powers to battle the angry god who would destroy her Caribbean island home.

When an out-of-season hurricane sweeps through Corinne’s seaside village, Corinne knows it’s not a typical storm. At first Corinne believes Mama D’Leau—the powerful and cruel jumbie who rules the ocean—has caused the hurricane. Then a second, even more ferocious storm wrecks the island, sending villagers fleeing their houses for shelter in the mountains, and Corinne discovers the storms weren’t caused by a jumbie, but by the angry god Huracan.

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unique and engaging middle grade fantasy
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THE JUMBIE GOD'S REVENGE is an even more amazing installment in a middle grade fantasy/horror series. As a third book, I would recommend reading the first two books before leaping into this one, mainly so that you can see the characters grow (but also because they are fantastic reads). There is a big cast in this series, and the first two books really introduce them well. Here, Corinne, a young girl who lives with her father and is half-jumbie, is coming into her own as she again defends her island.

Jumbies are magical beings with different abilities and powers, while Corinne originally thought they were just stories to frighten children, she has since learned that they are all too real. When storm after storm hits her island, she finds the jumbies as frightened as the people are. The storms are the work of Huracan, a god who is more powerful than the jumbies. As Corrine tries to find a way to stop him, she must also deal with the prejudices of some of the people who live on the island who hate jumbies- and are afraid of Corrine for her heritage.

Filled with action/adventure and a magical world, this book is a quick and engaging read. Corinne is really coming into herself in this book, and we get more hints of her jumbie side. Adding that to the way that she totally takes charge and helps people, and she is such a fantastic lead character. Of course, she is still helped by her friends (Dru, Bouki, and Malik) and her family. The jumbies also grow a little more in this book as we learn more about Mama D'Leau and Papa Bois that humanize them. I could easily see this being a multi-book series, and I would heartily cheer for more!

Unique, engrossing, and fully developed, this action/adventure/fantasy/horror series is perfect for the middle grade audience! Highly recommend for middle grade readers who enjoy brave heroines, facing the odds, and magic.
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