A Friend for Bently

A Friend for Bently
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August 06, 2019
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Like all pigs, Bently loves to play in the mud, eat slop . . . and do crossword puzzles! But Bently is the only pig on Sunset Farm, which means there’s no one to share his favorite things.

One day, a lonely Bently hears an oink and discovers an unexpected companion—a chick named Daisy. Soon an extraordinary friendship blossoms. But what happens when a best friend grows and changes? As young Daisy becomes like the other full-grown chickens, Bently is surprised with the most caring gift of all.

Fans of Stick & Stone and Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type will cherish this tale about the power of true friendship.

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beautifully illustrated story of friendship
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A FRIEND FOR BENTLY is a heart-warming story of an unlikely friendship. Bently is the only pig on the farm and so he has no one to eat slop, roll in mud, and do crossword puzzles with. One day, he hears an oink and gets excited, thinking he has found another pig.

Instead, he finds a chick named Daisy, who wants to be a pig. Together, they do crosswords, roll in mud, and eat slop. However, when Daisy grows up, she is not able to spend so much time being a pig. She still cares about Bently, so she enters a crossword contest and a new gift arrives- a new pig! Bently is happy with his new companion, and Daisy still hangs out with them sometimes.

What I loved: The artwork is lovely with a watercolor look and many farm animals for little ones to enjoy. The word to text ratio makes this book great for toddlers and young elementary schoolers, who will enjoy the quickly turning pages and many illustrations. This book has some great messages about evolving friendships, such as when a friend moves away, and how new friendships can form.

What left me wanting more: I am probably reading too much into this and this is a small thing, but I would have liked Bently’s new friend to be something other than a pig, as it seems like the ultimate friend/companion is someone just like you, and I liked the idea of diversity in friendships that begins with Daisy and Bently. It would have also been cool if Bently could share some of Daisy’s interests rather than just his own.

Final verdict: Overall, this book has gorgeous illustrations and a sweet, simple story about friendship. Recommend for children who may be experiencing a moving friend or change of setting which can encourage them for evolving friendships/lives.
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