Flamingo Revenge (Full House: Club Stephanie #3)

Flamingo Revenge (Full House: Club Stephanie #3)
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August 01, 1997
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vStephanie and Rene are still competing for Rick's attention--while Club Stephanie fights the Flamingoes over who can save the pool club from closing. Steph and her gang have one chance to save the pool and finally beat their arch rivals. But will they succeed? Or will Stephanie lose Rick forever?

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Reader reviewed by Dominique Cordasco

Stephanie Tanner who is a hard worker, smart, caring, and responsible girl has a club called Club Stephanie with Darcy, Kayla, Anna and Allie. They all work at the pool babysitting for children. Stephanie is asked to run a dance because she is very responsible.

Rene is the leader of the Flamingoes who is also trying to steal Rick, Stephanies boyfriend. Sandy suggested that they take a vote to see who would be the chairsperson and Rene was elected. Stephanie suggested they should have a dance-a-thon and get pledges to raise money for the pool. Karin's father donated ten thousand dollars to save the pool.

Opinion My favorite character in this book was Stephanie because she helps so many people like Karin. She comforted Karin and changed her life. Stephanie is also hard working and very determined. She was determined to save the pool. She's also responsible because she runs a day camp.

Recommendation I would recommend this book to the ages of eleven to fourteen years old because its all about growing up and I enjoyed this book alot. I think females would enjoy it more then males because it about two girl groups fighting and its more of a girl book and alot of problems girls might go through.

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