Beyond the Sixth Extinction: A Post-Apocalyptic Pop-Up

Beyond the Sixth Extinction: A Post-Apocalyptic Pop-Up
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October 09, 2018
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Whether or not we know it, the sixth global extinction is already under way, propelled not by a meteor but by human activity on Earth. Take a long step forward into the year 4847 with the help of stunning pop-ups portraying eight fantastical creatures, along with spreads and flaps presenting details about each one. Paper engineer Shawn Sheehy envisions the aftermath of extinction as a flourishing ecosystem centered around fictional creatures that could evolve from existing organisms. Promising high appeal for science-fiction fans of all ages — and plenty of food for discussion — this evolutionary extravaganza offers a time line of the six extinction events in Earth’s history, a “field guide” to each creature, a diagram of species relationships, a habitat map of the (imagined) ruins of Chicago, and an illuminating author’s note.

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unbelievably impressive pop-up book
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This unbelievably cool pop-up book is great for elementary-aged children with large imaginations. This book speculates about how certain organisms would evolve based on the way humans are changing the planet and features detailed descriptions of these changed organisms with elaborate pop-ups. The book itself is large and looks like a movie-style find, as if children have discovered a unique diary of organisms past.

The organisms featured include the Brownfield Pigeon, whose vestigial wings are used to carry its young and the Bloomworm, which is a hybrid plant and grub (bug) that can switch phases between plant and bug as needed to relocate to more fertile locations. The backstories on these organisms are equally elaborate and well thought out. The imagination behind the book is unbelievably impressive. The pop-up pages are followed by flat pages with more information about the organisms and two-dimensional images.

What I loved: The premise of this book is super-fascinating, and the setup is amazing, starting from the memo at the beginning with information about this evolution and district and continuing through the well-developed organisms. The pop-ups are absolutely amazing- large and with many parts. They are truly three-dimensional and really impressive. The organisms leap off the page. They are all very elaborate and very cool to look at. This is truly a unique exploration of the imagination and science.

With the premise of evolution, how humans have/are changing the planet, and biology/science, this book introduces a lot of concepts in an approachable and engaging way. Elementary-aged children who love archeology, biology, and cool new animals will absolutely love this pop-up book.

Final verdict: This elaborate and impressive pop-up book will enchant budding scientists and impress readers with the imagination that went into it. Highly recommend for children who are interested in dinosaurs, animals, and science. From the awesome background/premise through the original and unique organisms, this book is chock full of engaging ideas and well-illustrated pages that will appeal to a diverse audience.
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