Stick Cat: Two Cats and a Baby (#4)

Stick Cat: Two Cats and a Baby (#4)
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September 25, 2018
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Now that their owners are married, Stick Cat and his best friend, Edith, live in the same apartment. There’s someone else in the family too—Millie, the new gurgling, babbling baby.

When Edith declares that Millie’s sounds are actually flattering compliments about Edith, her devotion to the new baby is complete. There’s harmony in the home—until Grandma Cobb arrives to babysit. That’s when things quickly spin out of control.

A mishap leaves Grandma trapped inside the bathroom—and locked away from Millie. Stick Cat needs to rescue Grandma. But he also needs to help Edith in her new role as babysitter-in-chief. It just might be Stick Cat’s toughest mission ever.

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Cats babysitting- hold your breath!
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Life is good for Stick Cat and Edith now that their owners Goose and Tiffany have married. Stick Cat enjoys the gourmet meals, and puts up with Edith's eccentricities. Now that there is a small human around, though, Edith is not happy. It takes attention away from the big humans, it cries, and it isn't going away. Stick Cat is okay with it; he is a very easy going, philosophical cat. When Grandma Cobb comes to visit, Edith is excited, since she loves to play with Grandma's long necklace and get attention. Of course, the stupid baby is much more interesting, and Edith feels slighted. When Grandma accidentally gets locked in the bathroom, though, both cats understand how important it is to get her out. The baby is safe, and they try to keep her warm and happy, but Grandma is very upset. Highjinks ensue, and the cats try to get Grandma out of the bathroom and back to her babysitting duties.
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Stick Cat is about the only cat I would trust not to kill me (I have to admit I am more of a Stick Dog fan), and his long suffering endurance of Edith is always amusing. He saves the day, of course, and must deal with Edith and the baby as best he can.

Grandma Cobb was delightful, and there aren't many depictions of grandparents babysitting in middle grade, so it's something nice to see. The pictures, as always, are simple but amusing, and Grandma's floppy hat and amazing necklace help to save the day as well.

Readers who like their notebook novels with a large side of animals will love Stick Cat. Hand this to fans of Ahn's Pug Pals, Surovec's My Pet Human Proimos's Apocalypse Bow Wow and of course, Falatko's Two Dogs in a Trench Coat Go to School.
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