The Impossible Crime (Mac B., Kid Spy #2)

The Impossible Crime (Mac B., Kid Spy #2)
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December 26, 2018
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The Crown Jewels are in danger... again! When the jewels go missing from inside a locked room, Mac's spy skills are put to the test. How did the thief break in? Where did the jewels go? And will Mac be able to solve this locked room mystery before the thief escapes? This mystery isn't just a whodunit... it's a howdunit!

The action in this new adventure is nonstop, as Mac travels to an ancient Irish castle to solve the mystery. There, he encounters everything from killer king cobras to bizarre ice sculptures... and even a revenge plot dating back hundreds of years! Will you be able to solve the mystery before Mac does? Also features historical facts masterfully woven throughout the plot, and full-color illustrations on every page. Don't miss the newest installment of this totally smart and sidesplittingly funny New York Times bestselling series, Mac B., Kid Spy.

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Mac is calmly playing mini golf when the queen of England phones him yet again for help. She is afraid that someone will steal the crown jewels, so wants Mac on the case. He ends up in her castle in Scotland, where all manner of things go wrong, including the jewels being taken from a locked room. That's a new and exciting type of mystery for Mac, who has to use all of his skills to solve it.
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This is just the right level of 6th and early 7th grade goofy (but would be good for younger students, too), and the formatting is really brilliant. The font is sanserif, there are better-than-average spaces between lines, and the pictures are inserted into the text where they make the most sense. For students with reading problems, this is the best book I have seen yet.

I love that the author made up all of these stories years ago and has decided to finally commit them to paper. They are very much the sort of thing a young writer would embrace, and this history gives these books a very fresh feel.

This reminded of Kin Platt's Big Max: the World's Greatest Detective (1965). Younger readers who can't get enough of Adler's Cam Jansen and Roy's ABC Mysteries will adore Mac, his corgis, and his attempts to help the queen of England solve her mysteries.
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