Wings of Olympus

Wings of Olympus
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March 05, 2019
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Take flight with Pippa and her winged horse in this heartfelt two-book series about a young girl who must win the hardest race in ancient Greece in order to stay with her closest friend.

This new series from acclaimed author Kallie George is perfect for horse lovers and fans of Greek myths alike!

High on the slopes of mighty Mount Olympus, among the sun-splashed meadows and sparkling waters, glide the winged horses of the ancient gods. Here up high is normally no place for a lost, parentless girl like Pippa. But once every hundred years, the gods and goddesses descend to the mortal realm to choose jockeys for their winged horse race—and Pippa is one of the lucky children chosen to ride.

With her undersized, impetuous winged steed, Zephyr, by her side, Pippa has to confront the greatest challenge of her life: achieving victory in a race across the sky.

No one expects Pippa and Zephyr to win, or even finish, this death-defying race. A poor orphan who’s spent her life working in stables, Pippa doesn’t seem to belong in the world of the gods. And while she loves Zephyr with all her heart, he’s smaller than the other winged horses racing. But if Pippa and Zephyr don’t find a way to win, the gods will separate them—forever.

To stay with Zephyr, Pippa will have to work harder, train longer, and dare more bravely than her competition. In a race filled with petty, jealous gods and goddesses and a host of ruthless riders, Pippa must prove that love is greater than might.

This stirring adventure series by beloved author Kallie George is perfect for fans of the Perce Jackson books and The War That Saved My Life.

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Perfect for fans of Horses and Greek Myth!
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WINGS OF OLYMPUS is a middle grade fantasy that those who love horses and Greek mythology won't want to miss.

Pippa loves horses and has a certain way with them. She can usually tell what's wrong with one. When she sees a winged horse flying over head, she never anticipated that it would change her life. It's time for Zeus to find a new horse, which means it's time for the race! Each god and goddess chooses a ride to race on their horse.

When Pippa wakes up in Olympus, she's eager to discover which god or goddess chose her. When she meets her horse Zephyr, her focus shifts to training with him and her love for horses gives her an edge. The other riders pick on her and look down on her because she's the smallest of them, but she tries not to let it get to her.

I love Pippa's genuine heart. She truly cares for horses and doesn't see them as a means to an end like the others do. I love that she stays strong and even wants to help the other riders' horses when they're injured. The ending is a turn that I didn't see coming, but I won't spoil it...

Final Verdict: This is perfect for fans of Greek Mythology, the Percy Jackson series, and horses.
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