Double Cross (Twintuition #4)

Double Cross (Twintuition #4)
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May 08, 2018
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In this fourth and final book, tween twins Cassie and Caitlyn Waters are excited to be returning to their hometown, San Antonio, on a class trip. But as they reach their destination, trouble finds them as quickly as a vision, and one of their friends soon disappears.

Using their Sight and their street smarts to try and save the day, the twins also begin to see things they didn’t expect—a man in captivity who looks exactly like their father’s pictures. Could he really be alive? And can they use the clues they see to save him before it’s too late?

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Cassie and Caitlyn Waters are still struggling to understand the power they share, The Sight. It is somehow tied to the disappearance of the father that they have never met over ten years ago, and their father's mother has come from England to try to train them to use their power. When they both have visions about bad things occurring on their class trip to San Antonio to visit the Alamo, and this is reinforced by their grandmother warning that they should not go, the twins brush these concerns aside, even after their mother gets a frantic, upsetting phone call from her sister in San Antonio. The girls arrange to meet their cousin Steve near the Riverwalk, where students are allowed to hang out, but break the rules by leaving the area. Things get grim when one of their classmates, Lavender, is seen going off with a young man and isn't answering her phone. Since one of the girls had a vision about her phone being smashed, this is worrisome. They go looking for her, and do manage the young man in question, who demands money from the tweens before telling them where their friend is. Luckily, the police show up, and the man is arrested. Lavender is eventually found, with the help of the girls' vision and a homeless man, and brought back. Details emerge about their father's disappearance, and using their visions, clues from their grandmother's investigations, and details from their mother, they manage to find him. But will they be able to rescue him?
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This last book in the series combines the mystery of the long lost father, appealing facts about having an ability to see visions, and realistic details about interactions with classmates. There is also a lot of family involvement, which is always good to see, especially since the mother is a chief of police in a small town.

There need to be more books about class trips, and I wish there were even more details about the Alamo and Riverwalk, because we will clearly not be taking a trip there with 8th graders from Ohio! Clearly. the girls don't make good choices about how to behave on the trip, even though the chaperones tell them very clearly what the rules are. Bus trips, hanging out away from school, and the opportunity to have adventures are always fun to read about, so this was a good inclusion.

The bright, colorful covers on these, as well as the celebrity connection, help make these popular books, and it's always good to see fantasy books with characters who are not white. This is a good series to hand to readers who have moved a little beyond Mlynowski's Whatever After series along with this author's Bras and Broomsticks books, and has the sister power of Hale's Princess Academy series and Barrow's The Magic Half.
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