A Werewolf Named Oliver James

A Werewolf Named Oliver James
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June 26, 2018
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On his way home one moonlit night, a strange thing happens to Oliver James -- he unexpectedly turns into a werewolf! He can't believe it, it's so . . . AMAZING.

Suddenly, he can run super-fast, leap super-high, and lift trucks with his super-strength! But even werewolves need to be home in time for dinner and Oliver James races to make it back. There's only one problem: what on earth will his parents say when they see him?

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A Werewolf Who Doesn't Know He's A Werewolf
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Every day after band practice, Oliver James must be home by six o'clock sharp for dinner. However, tonight is different from the usual. All of his friends run away from him and the bus doesn't stop. Oliver James is confused until he notices his reflection in a puddle.

He's a werewolf! He quickly learns that he has supernatural abilities like super speed and a strong sense of smell. During his excitement from his discovery, Oliver loses track of time and realizes he's going to be late for dinner. At first, he's scared because he doesn't know how they're going to react to his fur, but he quickly realizes he was worrying for nothing because they're werewolves too!

A WEREWOLF NAMED OLIVER JAMES is the perfect read for fans of werewolves. I only wish that the author could've had his parents explain how they became werewolves at the end. It left me wondering why, but this is still a very fun read. I enjoyed it a lot and hope there's more like it!

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of werewolves and monsters. It was a different read with spooky fun illustrations.
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