Perfectly Popular (The Wish Fairy #3)

Perfectly Popular (The Wish Fairy #3)
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May 08, 2018
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With just four wishes left from her fairy friend Calla, Brooke is determined to make them count. This time she's going to wish for a talent -- and be the star of the school concert! Brooke has always felt invisible, but not anymore!

Then Calla decides she wants to come to school, too. How is Brooke supposed to enjoy her stardom when she's hiding a secret fairy?

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In this third book in the series, Brooke finally realizes that making wishes is a very delicate business, and the wording of the wishes has to be perfect or her wish will go wrong. She has wished for 100 cats and for gold buried in the meadow, but neither of those have turned out correctly. Determined to have her latest wish be successful, she asks Calla the fairy for the opportunity to sing the solo for the choir concert perfectly. She does, and gets to perform in the concert instead of Lucy, who up until now has been the best singer in the school. Brooke feels bad that Lucy is disappointed, and her choir teacher is SO excited about Brooke's voice that she's determined to showcase her talents even more and get her some instruction and other learning opportunities. That's when Brooke realizes that she didn't make the perfect wish-- the solo is the only song that she sings this well! Since she had wanted to sing the solo in order to have more people pay attention to her, her next wish is to be popular, and this backfires in many ways. Will Brooke be able to mend fences with the friends her wishes have alienated and be able to make her final wishes turn out the way she would like?
Good Points
Brooke's concern's are very relevant to older elementary school students. The desire to be noticed and admired for a skill and the longing to have friends and to be included are both very strong feelings that run fourth and fifth graders into a lot of trouble. At this age, magic still seems somewhat possible, so having Calla granting wishes to fulfill these desires will appeal to many young readers.

Izzy is a great friend who stands by Brooke through all of her sometimes silly adventures, even though her feelings are hurt when Brooke abandons her to hang out with the "popular" girls. They do come to an understanding, and it's good to see that they both understand the other girl even when they don't necessarily get along.

My own daughter, who was a reluctant reader, was completely enamored of Malcolm's The Ruby Princess Runs Away series when she was in about second grade, and we had to hunt down all 12 books PLUS the super special. There is something tremendously comforting and addictive about series books for young readers. If it keeps them reading, I'm all for it. The Wish Fairy series joins the ranks of magical series like Mlynowski's Whatever After, and a huge range of series involving exclusively fairies: Rodda's Fairy Realm, Meadow's Rainbow Magic, Perelman's Candy Fairies, Small's Fairy Animals, and probably many more I haven't read!
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