The Wishmakers

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The Wishmakers
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February 27, 2018
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“Looking for a fantastically fast-paced and funny read? Your wish is granted!” —Chris Grabenstein, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

Twelve-year-old Ace’s life is about to change in the most unexpected and magical ways—all because of a peanut butter jar.

When he opens it, he inadvertently releases a genie named Ridge. Now a Wishmaker, Ace is given a week to complete a seemingly impossible quest, and if he fails the world will end in the most tragic (but cuddly) way imaginable.

Luckily, Ridge can help by granting Ace an unlimited number of wishes…as long as Ace is willing to accept the consequences. The bigger the wish, the greater the consequence. So, if Ace wants to avoid having pogo sticks for legs or his clothes turn invisible, he'll have to be careful what he wishes for and get a little creative.

Perfect for fans of Dan Gutman and Max Brallier, this new middle grade series by Tyler Whitesides (author of the Janitors series) is a wonderful mix of unpredictable magic, zany humor, and daring adventure. You’ll wish it never ends!

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Be Careful For What You Wish!
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Ace opens up a peanut butter jar without reading the warning label on the top... and unleashes a genie! Ridge is more than happy to grant wishes, but warns Ace that every wish requires some sort of sacrifice. The year's supply of peanut butter sandwiches comes at the cost of Ace wearing a smudge of peanut butter on his cheek for a year... and he gets all of the sandwiches at once! Even though they are individually bagged and will magically stay fresha a bit longer, this is not exactly what Ace meant. Ridge tells Ace that he must accept a quest or all of the cats and dogs in the world will turn into zombies. His quest is to find Thackary Anderthon and stop him from finding the Undiscovered Genie, who grants wishes that have no consequences. He can make wishes related to this quest to help him, but the price is usually high. (He does say no to replacing his legs with Pogo sticks-- permanently!) His quest becomes even more complicated when he meets fellow Wishmaker Tina and her genie Vale, and Tina's quest is to save a former Wishmaker... who happens to be Thackary Anderthone. When the quartet meet Thackery's son, Jathon, whose quest is also at cross purposes to the others, the trio start to wonder exactly how they can save the universe. They must travel all over on bizarre quests in order to stave off either the zombie pets, the constant raining of pianos, or the other terrible fates that could befall the world if they are not successful in figuring out what the universe requires of them.
Good Points
This was very fast paced and just goofy enough to be a solid hit with middle grade readers. As an adult, I appreciated that our Wishmakers had to confront a lot of difficult choices about what they were willing to pay in order to get their wishes. The characters were all sympathetic and likable, the world building very solid, and the goofiness just right. Lots of funny details, like Ace having to eat cotton candy that would leave his tongue permanently green, sneezing large grapes, and Thackery talking like a pirate (which must be a consequence of a wish) come to a brilliant culmination where Ace recounts the effects that all of his consequence have on him (page 167 of E ARC) in a tour de force combination of tween grossness and humor. In fact, I am nominating that paragraph for the single best piece of writing since Jon Scieszka's Stuckey Pecan Log incident in Knucklehead.
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Genies and Unlimited Wishes!
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Who would've thought opening a peanut butter jar would've been the beginning to Ace's quest? He's given the task to stop the Undiscovered Genie from being found because this genie can't grant wishes without consequences. Ridge (the Genie) can grant an unlimited amount of wishes to help Ace on his quest to stop Thackary Anderson from locating the Undiscovered Genie.

Ace is the only one who can save the world and on this quest he meets some interesting people, like Tina and her Genie Vale who have to help a former Wishmaker and Jathon, who is Thackary's son. Jathon wants to help his dad because he's had a troubled life and this will make up for it. With all of their paths crossing, how can Ace save the world?

This was such a fun book to read and it was very fast paced. I loved the story line and can't wait for the next one. THE WISHMAKERS is an original, unique story. I thought it was interesting that the genies came out of jars and can grant unlimited wishes. I also found myself eating a peanut butter sandwich while reading this.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this story to fans of magic, genies, and adventure. It was very entertaining and the second one can't come quick enough!
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