Buttheads from Outer Space

Buttheads from Outer Space
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March 20, 2018
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The buttheads have landed―and they're trying to wipe us out!

My best friend Lloyd and I had the perfect plan.

We started a blog to invite aliens to come to Earth and hang out―but only with us. That way, they wouldn't have to meet any boring world leaders or get cut open by scientists or anything like that. We'd just chill out, eat junk food, and play video games together. Sweet, right? And it worked! Two aliens showed up one night in the bathroom of my favorite restaurant, and we snuck them home to my room.

The problem is, they're total buttheads! Literally. They have butts on their heads, and they talk in farts. They're rude, disgusting, and they love Earth so much, they just invited 70 billion of their friends to join them here.


Now it's up to us―two sixth graders with B-pluses in science―to save the planet from the sickest extraterrestrials in the universe. (Preferably without my parents finding out.)

Sorry, everyone. Better get used to talking out of your butts, because we're all probably doomed…

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Couch Cushion Puking Space Aliens!
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Josh and his good friend Lloyd have a lot in common-- they both hate the Quentin, the kid in their class who is always making the cover of magazines, they both are interested in space aliens, and they both think their science teacher, Mr. Mudd, is a little too quirky. When the two go out for Josh's birthday with his parents to a Japanese restaurant, they are very surprised when they meet space aliens in the bathroom who take Josh's brand new iPhone! It's even worse when the aliens turn out to be... buttheads. That's just how these aliens are. They fart out of their faces and smile out of their butts. IAmWeenieBurger and DooDooFartMama decide to take up residence with Josh, but it's hard to hide aliens who have over a hundred ways to expel bodily waste, all of them messy. The aliens are also constantly getting into trouble, especially when they spend $900 on in-app purchases on Josh's phone. That's small stuff compared to their plan to take over the Earth and rename it FRRT, and Josh and Lloyd need to act quickly to avert disaster. It's hard, though, with Quentin trying to expose the aliens, Mr. Mudd acting weird, and Josh's parents being VERY angry about the amount of unexplained destructions going on at home! Can the boys find a way to thwart the aliens' plans so that Earth pets are safe from being eaten by Snertlings?
Good Points
The friendship between Josh and Lloyd was one of the better ones I've read lately-- they have a lot of shared interests, and work well together under pressure. Lloyd gets along well with Josh's weird but supportive parents. I loved the notes that they put in Josh's lunch every day, and even thought that the way they handled the $900 app purchase was realistic, even though the plot was a lot more concerned with, you know, aliens exterminating the population! Quentin is useful as that annoying kid who always seems to do better than everyone else... and knows it.

For readers who want them, there are fart, butt, and bodily function jokes galore. There is even a prolonged broccoli flinging episode in the restaurant. Younger readers will find it especially interesting that the aliens farts can simulate a lot of different Earth smells, from McDonalds to cinnamon buns to less pleasant aromas.

If science fiction has taught me nothing else, it's that you NEVER give aliens the smaller corner to claim as their own, because they will just start to take over! We need to look no further than Faulkner's The Assault or Walden's Earthfall for proof of this! While this book has more in common with humorous speculative fiction like Emerson's Society for Alien Detection or Kloepfer's Into the Dorkness, the message is clear: be careful of aliens, especially if they eat your couch cushions and then barf them up repeatedly!
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