A Most Unusual Day

A Most Unusual Day
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April 10, 2018
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Something rather extraordinary is happening in Caroline’s life today . . . her family is adopting a new baby sister! A warm and loving story about school, family, siblings, and adoption, for anyone eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new sibling.

Today is a very unusual day! Caroline wakes up late, forgets her socks, and feels strange all the way to school. She tries to help her teacher, but everything is mixed up today and all Caroline manages to do is make a great big mess. Finally, the school day ends and Caroline rushes outside to greet her parents, who are having a rather extraordinary day themselves. In their arms they hold Caroline’s new baby sister, who has just arrived from far away.

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A Cute Story About Getting an Adoptive Sister
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Caroline's days are usually the same, but not this one. Today is very unusual from beginning to end. Caroline is usually organized, but not today. She is usually calm, but not today. She's usually graceful, but not today.

Today, Caroline's mind is preoccupied because she's getting a new baby sister. Her family is adopting the baby and Caroline couldn't be more excited. However, it seems to be throwing her typical daily activities off.

A MOST UNUSUAL DAY shows how change can be a curious thing, but it isn't bad. Caroline's joy of having a new baby sister is so sweet and not many stories feature adoption. I really liked that addition.

Final Verdict: This story is perfect for those getting a new sibling or those who are adopted. It's sweet and shows that not every day will be ordinary, and that's not a bad thing.
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