Ducks Away!

Ducks Away!
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January 30, 2018
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Count along with Mother Duck as her ducklings try to waddle across the bridge. When a sudden gust of wind sweeps one of Mother Duck's ducklings into the river, she doesn't know what to do. With four ducklings on the bridge and one below, Mother Duck is torn as to which way to go. Suddenly, a second duck falls and Mother Duck grows more panicked. Should she stay on the bridge or fly down to her ducklings in the river?

As she paces and frantically quacks, the remaining ducklings playfully plop one by one into the river until all of the siblings are happily floating along. Now that all five ducklings are safely in the water, Mother Duck flies down to join in the fun, relieved to have all her ducklings together again.

Mem introduces young readers to the basic math principles of addition and subtraction.

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Perfect for those learning to count
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DUCKS AWAY starts off with a mama duck and her five little ducklings crossing the bridge. One by one, the babies fall into the water and the mom doesn't know what to do. The mom is divided until the last one falls.

DUCKS AWAY teaches children counting and counts up to five multiple times: as the ducklings walk across the bridge and as they fall. Ducks are adorable animals for children's stories and this book is perfect for those children who are learning to count. It also introduces them to basic addition and subtraction.

Final Verdict: DUCKS AWAY is a great and cute way to introduce counting to children. My little girl kept pointing at the ducks as I counted.
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