The Stars Beneath Our Feet

The Stars Beneath Our Feet
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September 19, 2017
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It’s Christmas Eve in Harlem, but twelve-year-old Lolly Rachpaul and his mom aren’t celebrating. They’re still reeling from his older brother’s death in a gang-related shooting just a few months earlier. Then Lolly’s mother’s girlfriend brings him a gift that will change everything: two enormous bags filled with Legos. Lolly’s always loved Legos, and he prides himself on following the kit instructions exactly. Now, faced with a pile of building blocks and no instructions, Lolly must find his own way forward.

His path isn’t clear—and the pressure to join a “crew,” as his brother did, is always there. When Lolly and his friend are beaten up and robbed, joining a crew almost seems like the safe choice. But building a fantastical Lego city at the community center provides Lolly with an escape—and an unexpected bridge back to the world.

David Barclay Moore paints a powerful portrait of a boy teetering on the edge—of adolescence, of grief, of violence—and shows how Lolly’s inventive spirit helps him build a life with firm foundations and open doors.

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When Lolly's older brother Jermaine dies, Lolly is filled with anger and guilt. He's uncertain about how to move forward in life without the presence of his brother. The added pressure from different neighborhood gangs breathing down his neck doesn't help.

When Lolly gets jumped by gang members, he starts to feel that joining a gang might be easier and safer. It could offer him protection. But with the help of Legos, Lolly is able to place his feet on solid ground for once. Legos are a way for him to cope with everything, but it also opens up the possibilities of the different paths he can take in life. Joining a gang isn't the only option for him.

THE STARS BENEATH OUR FEET takes you through real world problems with the eyes of a ten-year-old. This was a slow paced, diverse read that seems realistic to the way a ten-year-old would react, including the dialogue.

Final Verdict: There is some sensitive issues in this book so be mindful. I would recommend this to more upper middle grade and YA. This read is perfect for today's society and I hope it'll help others cope with similar situations. This is well thought out story that opens your mind to how others react differently to real world problems.
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