The Hidden Kingdom: The Nocturnals Book 4

The Hidden Kingdom: The Nocturnals Book 4
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January 18, 2018
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A group of veiled creatures--a chameleon, stick bugs and assorted camouflaged insects--decide they want to be recognized for their hard work in the valley. First they shout for attention and when ignored, orchestrate a drought! Everyone assumes the forest is under an evil spell! The Nocturnal Brigade must solve the mystery and unite the forest before it’s too late.

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Dawn, a fox; Tobin, a pangolin; and Bismark, an energetic sugar glider are all friends who have adventures. When there habitat is threatened by severe drought, they make their way to where they think a waterhole should be. Along the way, they run into Cora, a wombat who is severely weakned by hydration. Tobin is rather smitten with Cora, so the group takes her with them. Along the way, they run into all manner of trouble, including a patch of quick sand that almost swallows Bismark and a tree that attacks them! When they eventually find water, they must battle King Kami, the Ruler of the Veiled Creatures. Kami's army of bugs attacks our friends in order to get noticed. Will the intrepid group be able to obtain water and fend off the creatures in order to survive?
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This fourth installment in the illustrated Nocturals series has is moments of humor, suspense, and even romance. Bismark is a quirky character who sprinkles both French and Spanish into his conversation, and is constantly jumping to conclusion that frequently get the group into predicaments. The quest for water is a series one, and the dangers the group faces along the way are reflective of the difficult life of many wild creatures. In addition to Tobin's sweet attachment to Cora, we have Bismarks Pepe le Pew like infatuation with Dawn, the strong and quiet fox who holds the group together.

The pictures, which will be in four colors in the finished book, are scattered about, and readers who enjoy both Hunter's Warrior series and notebook novels like Wimpy Kid will appreciate the blend of these two elements.

This would be a good STEM connections book if there were a little more about the animals. For example, the information about the pangolin was very interesting, especially its skunk-like stink leaving abilities, but more would have been helpful. I haven't read the other three books, so was a bit confused at where the animals lived. My best guess is Australia. A publisher webiste devoted to the series,, has more information.
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