Rapunzel and the Lost Lagoon

Rapunzel and the Lost Lagoon
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September 05, 2017
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Rapunzel is not your typical princess. For one thing, she has returned to her kingdom after eighteen years spent trapped in a tower and she's still getting to know her parents. For another, she has to get used to royal customs, like the proper ways to sit and curtsy, when she'd really rather climb a tree and paint. Plus, she hates wearing shoes.

Cassandra is not your typical lady-in-waiting. As the daughter of the captain of the guard, she has grown up fascinated by security and weaponry. It has been her life's goal to become a soldier in the guard, and princess-sitting doesn't really fit into her plan-especially when that princess's aggravating boyfriend is always hanging around.

But when Rapunzel and Cassandra stumble upon a secret lagoon said to hold the key to the kingdom's greatest power, it will be up to them to solve the mystery before someone more sinister does.

Follow this tale of adventure and intrigue, love and destiny, and, most important, friendship.

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My daughter and I love to watch the Tangled Series on the Disney Channel together, so I was so excited when I saw this book. In RAPUNZEL AND THE LOST LAGOON, Rapunzel is struggling to fit into her new role as the princess, so her mom feels she'll do better with a lady-in-waiting.

Cassandra wants to be one of the palace guard. Her father is captain of the guard, so she should have an easy in. However, her dad feels like she's needed somewhere else. That place is at Rapunzel's side as her lady-in-waiting.

Cassandra is icy at first and hard to get to open up, but Rapunzel isn't one to give up. She sees the caring side of Cassandra and is willing to wait for her to come out of her shell. They bond over the mystery behind the Lost Lagoon. It's supposed to hold a secret power within it and is sought by many others. The knowledge Cassandra and Rapunzel uncover also puts them at risk.

Final Verdict: This book was full of adventure and action. I loved watching the friendship develop between Rapunzel and Cassandra. I would recommend this book to those who love princesses and fairy tales along with a bit of adventure and action.
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