Luna and the Lost Shell (Fairy Hill #2)

Luna and the Lost Shell (Fairy Hill #2)
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October 31, 2017
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Fairy Hill is a magic forest where fairies live, play, and have lots of sparkly adventures in this Level 1 reader series! Ruby, Luna, and May are best friends. These young fairies are all looking forward to earning their big wings from the Fairy Queen. But first they each have to do something extra kind or brave.

In book #2, a magic shell goes missing! Without it, the glow globes that light up Fairy Hill will all go dark -- and the Fairy Queen will have to cancel the Fairy Ball! Luna, Ruby, and May go looking for the shell. They find out a chipmunk is using it to light his tree. Luna has an idea to get the shell back! Will she be able to bring the light back to Fairy Hill before the ball?

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Luna, Ruby and May are back, and this time the glow globes that are to be used to illuminate the Fairy Ball have gone dark. The trio investigates so that the party can continue and the Fairy Queen is not inconvenienced. When they realize that the magic shell that helps power the lights is missing, they track it down to the home of a chipmunk. He is using the shell as a lamp, so the fairies craft another lamp and offer it for trade. When the shell is put back in place, the lights come back on, and the party can continue. Since Luna found the shell and negotiated with the chipmunk, she is rewarded with her new wings.
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The Scholastic Level 1 readers have "sight words, words to sound out, and simple sentences". There are 3-5 sentences on each page, and brightly colored pictures that support the text.

The story is a mix of the fairies having fun (they are preparing for the party, eating cupcakes, and are dancing at the ball after the problem is solved) and of the fairies solving a problem. Their investigative skills are used for a problem that is not too difficult to solve, and their empathy for the chipmunk helps them to quickly get the shell back.

The way the pages are arranged makes it easy to use this book for predicting what will happen next. I always enjoyed doing this when my daughters were learning to read. "Why do you think the power went out? How would you get the chipmunk to return the shell? Why do you think the Fairy Queen is visiting with the fairies?" are all questions that can be discussed, and help early readers learn how plots are developed.

The ball and the pretty dresses will appeal to young readers who are fond of princesses, and the message that kindness and hard work are rewarded is always a good one.
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