How Oscar Indigo Broke the Universe (and Put It Back Together Again)

How Oscar Indigo Broke the Universe (and Put It Back Together Again)
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November 07, 2017
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From David Teague, the coauthor of the critically acclaimed Saving Lucas Biggs, comes a funny and sweet story about learning to have courage even when it feels like the world is ending.

Oscar Indigo has never been good at baseball, so naturally he’s nervous when he has to fill in for his team’s injured All-Star, Lourdes. Luckily, Oscar has a mysterious gold watch that can stop time, which he uses to fake a game-winning home run. Now Oscar’s the underdog hero of his town and even Lourdes wants to be his friend.

But the universe is a precarious place, and you can’t just steal time without any consequences. If Oscar doesn’t find a way to return the time he stole, the universe will unwind completely.

Oscar wants nothing more than to ask Lourdes for help, but what would a baseball star like her think of a guy whose fake home run actually destroyed the universe? But as he and Lourdes grow closer, Oscar understands that it isn’t always what you do that makes you special—but who you are. And that confidence just might be the key to fixing the universe.

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Sweet, Funny, and Full of Action
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Oscar Indigo is a bad baseball player, but he’s a very good teammate. And he’s committed to his role of benchwarmer and cheerleader as his team, the East Mt. Etna Wildcats, heads into the Slugger League post season against the West Mt. Etna Yankees. They’re in the first game of a three-game series, and the Wildcats actually have a chance to win, when Oscar accidentally injures the star player, Lourdes Mangubat. Thanks to vacations, Oscar is the only player available to fill in at the plate, and the game rests on Oscar’s reluctant shoulders.

Fortunately, Oscar has recently been given a pocket watch that can stop time, and he chooses to use that watch to hit a home run and win the game for his team. Unfortunately, there are other, negative consequences to the stopping of time, and it ends up that Oscar has broken the universe—and it’s up to him to put it back together again before the world comes to an end as a result.

HOW OSCAR INDIGO BROKE THE UNIVERSE (AND PUT IT BACK TOGETHER AGAIN) is sometimes sweet, sometimes funny, and full of action. Author David Teague has created an incredibly likeable main character in Oscar Indigo, and I was rooting for Oscar—and the rest of his team—from page 1. The other characters in the book are less carefully defined, but Oscar is such a big personality that he manages to carry the book pretty well on his own. Another positive is Teague’s willingness to make female baseball players stars of their teams, and I especially liked the lack of comment on gender from the girls’ teammates.

Some of the humor in the book was definite “dad humor,” so I wonder how appealing that will be to 8-12 year olds, but the themes of friendship, honesty, and fair play are what make this story shine, so a few flat jokes don’t make it any less a good read. There are also some inconsistencies in the narrative; however, I was reading from an ARC, so I’m sure they’ll be cleaned up in the final draft.

OSCAR INDIGO is a good book, and I was happy to have the opportunity to read it. My thanks to YA Books Central and the publisher for providing me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.
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Sweet, funny, and full of action

An incredibly likeable main character
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