Confidentally Yours #5: Brooke's Bad Luck

Confidentally Yours #5: Brooke's Bad Luck
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January 03, 2017
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Filled with humor, friendship, and middle school antics, the Confidentially Yours series—about a group of kids who run their school newspaper’s advice column—continues on in its fifth installment. Perfect for fans of the Cupcake Diaries or Candy Apple books.

Brooke Jacobs never considered herself to be the superstitious type. But after she and her friends visit a psychic who tells Brooke she’s in for some bad luck, the panic sets in. And when Brooke hurts her arm, gets into a major fight with her boyfriend, and turns into a total klutz in soccer, she’s convinced her misfortune is here to stay.

To make matters worse, the Lincoln Log—the newspaper where she and her best friends write their advice column—is competing in an important contest. Brooke, Vanessa, Heather, Tim, and the rest of the team need to put together their best issue yet. There’s no time for bad luck . . . but that’s all Brooke seems to have.

Not wanting to let everyone down, Brooke must decide, once and for all, who’s in charge of her life: a silly superstition or herself. And she better find out fast, because bad luck or not, the contest must go on.

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Friendship and Life Lessons at its best
(Updated: June 06, 2017)
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This is the first I've read in the CONFIDENTIALLY YOURS SERIES, but it made me want to go read the others. I can already gather that it's a series of friendship and life lessons.

In BROOKE'S BAD LUCK, Brooke and her friends go to a fortune teller to have their future read before they go back to school. Everyone gets a good fortune, except for Brooke. She's told that bad luck will come her way.

As predicted, luck doesn't seem to be in her favor when Brooke returns to school. She starts doing bad in classes, fights with her boyfriend, and other accidents keep occurring, like spilling her lunch on herself. But Brooke finds a way to counteract it by creating a good luck charm, or so she thinks. Before she knows it, she returns to her confident self and begins to rely on the good luck charm.

Final Verdict: BROOKE'S BAD LUCK teaches about the importance of family and friends and that luck shouldn't lead your life. Only you can take control of it. This is a perfect read for ages eight and up.
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