Escape From Prison Island (LEGO CITY)

Escape From Prison Island (LEGO CITY)
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June 28, 2016
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In this new LEGO(R) CITY 8x8, three crooks have escaped from Prison Island. Can the cops catch them before they get to shore? Find out in this funny, action-packed adventure featuring original illustrations!

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A quick read from the LEGO City realm, presented in introductory comic format using what looks like 3D cell shading.

A trio of crooks have been planning their escape from Prison Island, and tonight is the big night. Driven by a longing for pizza, visiting grandma, and a return to bank-robbing, they aim to make a dirty getaway. (Because they are literally digging their way out… through the dirt.) But the prison guards of Lego City are no slouches.

The main villainous would-be escapist characters are referred to as “Three crooks,” and that is about the extent of their characterization. One has a hat and stubble, one has a hat and mutton chops, and one (presumably their leader) has a helmet of slicked-back hair. The only named character in the book is “Sam,” a fellow prisoner who is too busy lifting weights to join in their cunning quest for freedom.

Not one of the more memorable stories of this sort, but as a brief reading lesson for young LEGO fans, it serves its purpose.
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