Princess DisGrace: A Royal Disaster

Princess DisGrace: A Royal Disaster
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June 21, 2016
Calling all precocious princesses! This series is sure to be a hit with girls who love a big dose of humor and adventure with their princess fix.

Rules for Being a Princess:

1. Your name must be on the Fairy Godmother’s list.
2. You must always be elegant and graceful.
3. A unicorn must choose you.

When Grace arrives at Tall Towers Princess Academy, her name isn’t on the Fairy Godmother’s list of students. She isn’t elegant at all—not even her curtsy is graceful. And all the other girls are sure she’s headed straight back to her tiny, messy kingdom. But one unicorn knows better. He’s clumsy and dirty and the perfect match for Grace! And together they have tons of fun. But the other princesses aren’t convinced Grace belongs at the academy. Can she prove that being a princess is about more than just being perfect?

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Nice pick for young readers who love princesses
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As soon as Grace arrives at the famous princess academy, Tall Towers Princess Academy, she can tell right away she doesn’t fit in. Her name isn’t even on Fairy Godmother’s list, and the other students look much more graceful and princess-like. However, that doesn’t stop Grace from being the best princess she can be, starting with working with her own unicorn who isn’t exactly the ideal image either. With her kindness and loyalty, she hopes to show everyone that being a princess isn’t just about how well you can curtsy.

What I Liked:

PRINCESS DISGRACE has such a fun premise. As far as personalities go, it’s inclusive and teaches young readers that while having nice manners and being able to dance may be good qualities, there are other qualities that matter much more like encouraging your friends, doing your best, and staying resilient.

There are also several great humorous moments, perfect for readers looking for a laugh. Grace and her friends have wonderful scenes together, and their dialogue is realistic.

What Left Me Wanting More:

While the story encourages a wide variety of personalities, it is not as inclusive for body types. The only fat characters are either mean girls or fairy godmothers, setting a negative idea that good princesses cannot be large. This is enforced through both the text and illustrations. The two mean girls are redeemed a little in the end, but unfortunately, this may still be potentially harmful.

Final Verdict:

Though the issue with body depiction is serious, PRINCESS DISGRACE still has many wonderful qualities and makes a nice pick for young readers who love princess stories.
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