Carnival Capers! (LEGO DC Super Heroes: Reader)

Carnival Capers! (LEGO DC Super Heroes: Reader)
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June 28, 2016
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It's summer in Gotham City, and Batman treats Robin, Beast Boy, and Starfire (the Teen Titans) to a day at the new Gotham City Carnival in return for their excellent grades. Little do they know that the carnival is a trap set by The Joker and his friends! It's up to Aquaman, Batman, and the rest of the Justice League to foil their plans.

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Once again LEGO and DC deliver with this simple-yet-valuable storyline, featuring beloved characters and stylized artwork.

The Teen Titans are having some trouble working together as a team, so Batman decides to drop them off at a mysterious new Carnival in town and let them do some cooperative investigating. There’s something not at all right about the carnival workers. But the Titans may be a little too distracted by the rides and games to realize what’s going on until it’s too late…
Coming in at 32 pages, this book is perfect for kids in the 4-8 target range. Its structure and format are basic enough that it can function as the comic book version of training wheels, allowing beginner readers to easily follow along with the plot and dialogue. My 7 year old son read it to me the first time through with great gusto—and I was able to encourage him along with only a few nudges over unfamiliar word pronunciation or which order to read things in.

The Teen Titans angle provided an immediate hook in our case—as the existing TV series is generally appropriate for this age group, and their recognition of the characters creates an immediate connection. The LEGO elements ensure color and expression without too much risk of nightmare-inducing scariness.

A perfect read for young fans of LEGO, DC Comics, or Teen Titans, and beyond painless for parents hoping to instill a fondness for reading.
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