The Second Book of Ore: Waybound

The Second Book of Ore: Waybound
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April 12, 2016
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Phoebe Plumm and Micah Tanner are a long way from home and entrenched in a struggle with no end in sight. The Foundry, an all-powerful company that profits off the living metal creatures of Mehk, is unleashing a wave of devastating attacks to crush the rebel army of mehkans known as the Covenant and capture Phoebe and Micah, dead or alive.

But the Covenant believes that their ancient god, Makina, has chosen Phoebe for a sacred task: to seek the Occulyth, a mysterious object they hope can turn the tide against the Foundry. With her father gone, Phoebe’s once unshakable determination is broken, and while Micah tries to uphold the vow he made to protect her no matter the cost, their enemies are closing in and time is running out.

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Phoebe Plumm and Micah Tanner return in the second book of an action-packed series by Cam Baity and Benn Zelkowicz. THE SECOND BOOK OF ORE: WAYBOUND has Phoebe and Micah primed for a quest. The two are asked to seek the Occulyth—something the Covenant hopes will be the key to defeating the Foundry and saving the machines living on Mehk from a life under the command of the Foundry.

WAYBOUND is every bit as vividly drawn as the first book in the series, THE FOUNDRY’S EDGE. The machines of Mehk are fascinating, and as I read I once again imagined a dark, adventure filled movie or video game being the result of the book. The first book laid a lot of groundwork for the second, and that information is definitely needed when a reader plunges into WAYBOUND; this is not a series that can be read out of order.

The world of Mehk continues to be the strongest “character” in the series. I loved the descriptions of the different inhabitants of it, and the religious and societal aspects were equally fascinating. Not as fascinating were some of the main characters. The Marquis and Pynch—two of the inhabitants of Mehk—are being set up for something interesting in the third book, I think, but their appearances in WAYBOUND were more a nuisance than anything. Phoebe and Micah are much more agreeable in this book than in the first, and Phoebe in particular shines in WAYBOUND as her character is developed and strengthened.

As with the first book in the series, I recommend it for the higher end of the age range for which it was written. The language is challenging and will be an excellent exercise in vocabulary building for many readers. There is also plenty of violence, and there are scary moments and terrifying characters, so the book is not for more sensitive middle grades readers.

There will definitely be another book in the series, and I will definitely be getting a copy to see where the plot leaves, and to visit the wonderful land of Mehk again.

My thanks to the publisher for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.
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