Bailey's Story: A Dog's Purpose Novel

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Bailey's Story: A Dog's Purpose Novel
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May 03, 2016
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When Bailey meets eight-year-old Ethan, he quickly figures out his purpose: to play with the boy, to explore the Farm during summers with the boy, and to tidy the boy's dishes by licking them clean (only when Mom isn't watching). But Bailey soon learns that life isn't always so simple--that sometimes bad things happen--and that there can be no greater purpose than to protect the boy he loves.

Bailey's Story is a moving tale about a dog and his boy for young animal lovers by W. Bruce Cameron, bestselling author of the acclaimed novel A Dog's Purpose. Adorable black-and-white illustrations by Richard Cowdrey bring Bailey and his world to life

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Pure Gold Golden Retriever Tale
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Bailey runs off from his home as a very small puppy and ends up in a shelter. After a variety of not-so-pleasant experiences, he ends up with Ethan and his family. Bailey adores Ethan and wants to be at his side always, but when the entire family leaves to go to work and school, Bailey becomes destructive and chews up things in the garage. Eventually, the family falls into a routine. Summer trips to grandparents' farm adds some fun and excitement, but neighborhood bully Todd causes Ethan grief... and eventually, more serious problems. Throughout it all, Bailey proves his worth as Ethan's best friend.
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Illustrated with black and white drawings, this is a warm family story about overcoming small and large adversities with the help and support of family. Ethan is a typical elementary school student who has minor challenges most of the time, and major ones occasionally.

Cameron does manage to tell the story coherently from Bailey's point of view. Many authors struggle to get the balance right with what would interest dogs and what makes an interesting story. Bailey manages to narrate Ethan's activities but intersperse his observations with commentary on how confusing some people are or how much fun it is to chew things!

Dog stories come and go in popularity, but with the upcoming A Dog's Purpose movie (January 2017), there may be a resurgence in readers asking for titles like Banks' Boy's Best Friend, Lord's A Handful of Stars, Woodrow's The Pet War, and Miles' The Puppy Place series. There is a companion volume to this book, Ellie's Story.
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