Winnie and Waldorf: Disobedience School

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June 21, 2016
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Waldorf has been misbehaving! Winnie decides it is time he enrolls in Winnie’s school for disobedient dogs. Waldorf learns his lessons quickly—his favorite subject is nap time; naturally he excels at it. But when it is time for gym class, something terrible happens. The neighbor’s dog is in trouble! Will Waldorf know just what to do to save the day?

In this delightful follow-up to Winnie and Waldorf, Waldorf shows how heroic he can be, especially when he is just being himself. Young readers will love following the charming relationship between Winnie and her best friend, Waldorf.

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When her dog, Waldorf, gets into trouble, Winnie decides that he needs to go to school to learn to behave. She puts him through all of his paces-- putting things into his cubby, learning the alphabet, and doing art. Waldorf does a fairly good job until he runs off during gym class. Luckily, he has a good reason to do so, and saves a neighbor's dog from running into traffic. Winnie and Waldorf have to clean up their school so that Winnie can start kindergarten the next day, where she will hopefully be better behaved than Waldorf.
Good Points
The gentle, pastel illustrations lend a warm, nostalgic 1980s feel to this book that parents of modern kindergartners should enjoy. After all, isn't it the parents who are most worried about sending their children off to school?

I liked the fact that Winnie was already familiar with the most common behaviors associated with school. She sets up a desk for Waldorf, she has him reading books, and she has a chalkboard on which she does some simple math. All of these are things that children should be able to understand before stepping foot into a kindergarten classroom. I think that napping is no longer part of the current kindergarten curriculum, however.

This is the second book in a series, and while this volume is more about school than it is about the friendship between the two, this would be an excellent choice either for children who need information about the schooling process of who want to read books that involve dogs.
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