Revenge of the Skull Spiders (LEGO Bionicle: Chapter Book #2)

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December 29, 2015
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The hit LEGO(R) BIONICLE series returns with an all-new, never-before-seen adventure! This novel presents a tale of epic proportions, set on a mysterious island where the masters of elements called Toa fight for powerful masks that can be used for good, or evil...

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A bio-mechanical adventure ride
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LEGO BIONICLE is a theme of LEGO constructions that follow a group of part biological and part mechanical beings set in an Asian-inspired fantasy meets science fiction world. REVENGE OF THE SKULL SPIDERS by Ryder Windham is part two of a chapter book series spin of this world. We follow the Protectors as they try to discover what’s happened to the Toa as they vanish in the City of Mask Makers after defeating the Skull Spiders.

The world building around this story is amazing. If you have not yet ventured into the world of BIONICLE, you need to start from book one in order to fully appreciate. There is just so much to soak in! Revenge of the Skull Spiders picks up after book one. The skeleton warriors have been defeated, and the Toa are destined to find the Great Mask Maker, Ekimu. But the Toa arrived without their memories and lack the ability to fight alongside one another. Perhaps it’s the destiny of the Protectors to ensure the Toa reach Ekimu. With the help of one they once thought lost, the Protectors can live up to their names.

The world of Revenge of the Skull Spiders is nothing short of brilliant. From lush landscapes to deep caverns buried under rock, Windham does a wonderful job of making the reader feel connected to the story. I absolutely love the sweeping epicness of the fantasy element with an Asian flair.

The pacing is fast, and the vocabulary is challenging enough for young to mid-range middle grade readers. Also, the message imbedded within the story is an important one to learn without being overly preachy. The Protectors are put into a position where they must learn to work together. Only then will they reach their objective. Teamwork is a priceless lesson, and Windham handles this with ease.

Revenge of the Skull Spiders is a bio-tech joyride sure to please readers who enjoy deep fantasy adventures with a modern flair. Fans of the LEGO BIONICLE sets will love seeing their favorite Protectors brought to life through each page. The characters are relatable, and each brings something valuable to their mission. The Protectors—Vizuna, Korgot, Narmoto, Izotor, Kivoda, and Nilkuu—are way cool, and their elemental weapons are even cooler. I look forward to the rest of the series!
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