Clark the Shark: Afraid of the Dark

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September 08, 2015
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Clark the Shark is ready for his first big sleepover! He’s nervous about sleeping outside without his glow-fish night-light, but he doesn’t want anyone to know he’s just a teeny-tiny bit afraid of the dark. So Clark makes up a rhyme to help him stay cool: “Take heart, be smart, sharks aren’t afraid of the dark.” But when the sun sets and his friends begin telling spooky stories, Clark’s voice sounds quiet and small and not brave at all. In this empowering tale about conquering nighttime fears, Clark the Shark learns how friendship can help light the way through the dark. Featuring bright, colorful artwork from Guy Francis and hilarious read-aloud text from Bruce Hale, this Clark the Shark picture book is the perfect story for kids braving nighttime jitters!

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Sharks aren’t afraid of the dark. Right? Not at all. Certainly not. Or at last that’s what Clark wants to believe in CLARK the SHARK: AFRAID OF the DARK.

Clark has invited all of his friends over for his first ever slumber party. It will be great! There’s just one problem. Clark is afraid of the dark. He sleeps with a nightlight and has to recite a rhyme to give him courage through the night. This just won’t do with all of his friends coming over. So what’s a shark to do?

Being afraid of the dark is a common childhood fear and Clark the Shark by Bruce Hale tackles this with a delightful angle. Sharks sit at the top of the ocean’s food chain, so they shouldn’t have a little fear of darkness. But, as a young shark, Clark is not much different than any other child. He has friends, he has fears, and he doesn’t want his friends to not like him because of his fears. Clark tries to be brave. He tries very hard. In the end, he learns that being a good friend, and having good friends, can conquer any fear.

I loved the message of this book. It’s clear, concise, and will appeal to all children with its vibrant illustrations. A child can even use Clark’s courage rhyme as their own if they battle with nighttime fears. That’s what I found to be most beautiful about this book. Clark the Shark is a perfect blend of humor and sincerity over a common topic and can stay with your child long after they’ve read the last page.
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