Home Run (Baseball Great #4)

Home Run (Baseball Great #4)
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February 23, 2016
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Perfect for fans of Mike Lupica's sports books and Dan Gutman's Baseball Card Adventures, New York Times bestselling author and former NFL player Tim Green gives readers a thrilling new addition to his bestselling Baseball Great series. Josh's life has just fallen apart. His father will no longer be coaching the travel baseball team and is moving to Florida, forcing his mom and little sister to move into a small apartment on the wrong side of town. To make matters worse, the new coach of the travel team is an unforgiving drill sergeant. But then Benji tells Josh of a home-run derby in which the winner gets a brand-new house. All Josh has to do to qualify is hit twenty home runs during his travel-team season. With Benji and Jaden's help, Josh is hoping to hit it out of the park and save his family, because if he strikes out, he may just lose everything.

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Book 4 of Baseball Great!
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Josh's father, never the most responsible adult, decides to take a coaching position in Florida and leave Josh, his mother and young sister in Syracuse. This makes sense, since his parents are divorced, and he's leaving his girlfriend, Diane, too. Josh is understandably upset comes up with a plan to run away just for the night, hoping to bring his parents back to a shared purpose. This backfires, and Josh ends up moving to Florida with his father and starting a new school and a new team. He's not there for long until he gets a panicked call from his mother; without Josh's child support, she's going to lose the house. Josh moves back home, and starts preparing for the fall ball season with a new coach. He hopes that he can win a home run contest that provides the champion with a new home, especially once his mother loses her job. His friend Jaden is hoping to win a journalism scholarship, and find out information about their new coach, but when she pursues the story, the coach threatens to ban Josh from the game. If he can't play, he can't make the home runs he needs to win the house. Will Josh be able to support his friend and make his own dreams come true?
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This fourth book in the Baseball Great series (Baseball Great, Rivals, Best of the Best) continues several of the story lines from other books, and we get to spend more time with the characters. Josh's family has struggled with the divorce, and Josh's anger at both of his parents is very true-to-life. Benji continues to be a supportive friend and team mate, even if he really needs to lay of guzzling junk food and run more laps! Jaden's drive to be a journalist seems a little anachronistic, but it's good to see a young person with goals.

This is a little lighter on the sports action because so much is going on, but the Titans still get involved in lots of close-call games. I didn't know that there were such very elite travel teams that got sponsored by major companies like Nike, and I know sports fans like to imagine that they are on a team like the Titans, playing in huge tournaments and getting covered in the national press.

Fans of Deuker, Lupica, Wallace and Bowen will enjoy this latest installment of Josh's baseball career.
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