Benjamin Franklin: Huge Pain in my...

Benjamin Franklin: Huge Pain in my...
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September 08, 2015
Benjamin Franklin is known for being many things: A Founding Father, statesman, politician, scientist, philosopher, author, and printer—to name a few—but what if Benjamin Franklin could also solve your modern day girl problems? Well, that’s about to happen in the laugh-out-loud, time-traveling, unlikely friendship story BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: HUGE PAIN IN MY…! from hilarious duo Alan Zweibel (Emmy Award-winning writer for SNL) and Adam Mansbach (#1 New York Times bestselling author of Go the F*** to Sleep). When Franklin Isaac (Ike) Saturday is tasked with writing an important figure from history as a class assignment, he figures this is a great opportunity to let his namesake Benjamin Franklin know just what he thinks of him, in addition to what it’s like to be modern kid navigating the horrible halls of middle school. But little does Ike know that when he mails the letter, using a stolen antique stamp, that the real Ben Franklin actually writes back! With fates colliding between the two, and B-fizzle (as Ike likes to call him) needing advice from Ike on dealing with the Founding Fathers as much as Ike needs advice from Ben on how to woo his school crush Claire, they’ll soon realize that sometimes history has to run its course and that the course of history sometimes needs a bit of rewriting now and again.

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