X Marks the Spot (Puppy Pirates #2)

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July 07, 2015
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Wally and his human friend, Henry, have passed the test. They are now officially puppy pirates—and just in time for an exciting new adventure. A treasure hunt! The puppies sail to a deserted island with treasure map in paw, ready to dig. But uh-oh! This island isn’t deserted after all. . . . Two perennial kid favorites—dogs and pirates—combine in this new chapter-book series perfect for fans of the Rainbow Magic series and all things piratey!

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When dogs bury treasure
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The crew of the Salty Bone is back, and Wally and Henry are glad to be part of the crew. It is rumored that Captain Red Beard has the map to Growlin' Grace's treasure, and sisters Puggly and Piggly are determined to steal the map. They don't succeed, but since the Captain is confused as to why the map is blank the group is consulted. Luckily, Henry's human skills and knowledge help them uncover the invisible ink, and the ship is soon off to find the treasure. When they arrive at the island, the soon meet Rosie and her crew of Dalmatians who guard the treasure. Henry and Wally are able to circumvent the booby traps and solve the puzzles that Grace left, and Rosie grudgingly lets them dig up the treasure. While it isn't jewels, the treasure is valuable and will take the Salty Bone on their next adventures, Catnapped and Sea Sick, which will be out in January and March, 2016.
Good Points
Young readers will enjoy pointing out all of the mistakes that Captain Red Beard makes, and will secretly delight in how naughty the pug sisters are. Old Salt, whose wisdom often saves the day, offers advice to Wally and Henry, who know that they need to think clearly about the challenges that face them.

Buried treasure holds a huge appeal for some readers, and if holes are dug in yards and favorite stuffed animals are buried after children read this book, Soderberg is not to be blamed! I also foresee a lot of maps being created by children who liked James' Pirate School series or have graduated from Long and Shannon's How I Became a Pirate.
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