Stowaway! (Puppy Pirates #1)

Stowaway! (Puppy Pirates #1)
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July 07, 2015
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Wally is a pup with a nose for adventure. So when he stumbles onto a ragtag group of puppies who sail the seven seas, he knows he has to join the fun! But if pirates are supposed to be gruff and tough, this furry little guy isn’t exactly first-mate material. Does he have what it takes to become a full-fledged puppy pirate? Two perennial kid favorites—dogs and pirates—combine in this new chapter-book series perfect for fans of the Rainbow Magic series and all things piratey!

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Ahoy, Wally!
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Wally, the adorable puppy on the cover, has run away from the farm in search of a home... and adventure. When he sees a pirate ship in port, he seizes the opportunity to stow away, hopping into a crate filled with steaks! When he gets into the cargo hold, he meets Henry, a human boy who also wants to embrace the life of a pirate. When Captain Red Beard and the cook, a Chihuahua named Steak-Eye, find the pair, they are prepared to make them walk the plank! Luckily, they are saved by Old Salt, a seasoned veteran who believes the two should be given a chance. When the Salty Bone is attacked by the kitten pirate ship Nine Lives, Wally and Henry manage to save the day and are made part of the crew.
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Stepping Stone Books are a great choice for emergent readers who have moved beyond simple text and can handle a longer book. At just under 100 pages, Stoway is a great choice for readers who like dog books like Ilene Cooper's Absolutely Lucy series, or who like fantasy adventure books like Osborne's Magic Treehouse saga.

While we are not told why Henry has run away, he makes a good point for his inclusion on the ship by reminding Red Beard that he has thumbs. Wally's motivation is clearer-- he wants somewhere than he can feel at home. Once he earns his keep on the Salty Bone, he has lots of friends on the crew, and since every good dog needs a boy, it's a good thing that Henry has also decided to stow away.

There are many good comic characters: sisters Piggly and Puggly are always getting into scrapes, Captain Red Beard makes mistakes that readers will laugh at, and Steak-Eye is such a bad cook that his food for the dogs is improved by the addition of a can of cat food!

Throughout the story, Wally tries to prove his worth and ends up showing that his loyalty and skills and skills will make him a valuable member of the crew. Young readers who spend their days wearing tri-cornered hats and eye patches will find Stowaway to be a mARRRRRvelous read.
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