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July 14, 2015
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Want to encourage a child to write creatively? Introduce him to Rufus! The joy of writing (and reading) fills every page of this charming picture book. Why have a lemonade stand when you can have a story stand? That’s what Rufus, a boy with a big imagination, decides. And once he’s in business, he starts creating little gems for his friends and family. Millie and Walter trade a shell for his story called “Why Orange Is the Best Color.” Rufus writes little sister Annie a story for her birthday about a girl who shrinks to the size of a teacup. Sara trades flowers for a story about a family of buttons. And then they all sit down and read the wonderful stories together.

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Many will want to visit Rufus's stand
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Rufus doesn’t want to have a typical lemonade stand. Instead, he’s decided to make a story stand, giving out stories in exchange for a few small treasures.

What I Loved:
The premise of RUFUS THE WRITER is adorable. I love how creatively encouraging it is for kids. The stories Rufus writers, shared in the book, are very cute and childlike. Rufus encounters many different characters, from his little sister to different friends, at his stand, and each are lovely. His little sister’s story is especially touching since it is her birthday.

Another great element to this story is the lack of money. Rufus doesn’t start the stand to make money, nor does he ask for any from his friends. Instead, he sets up a kind of barter system, exchanging his stories for things like a seashell, a kitten, etc. The story gives value to everything, not just the standard form of currency.

The illustrations are also adorable. Rufus puts on quite the snazzy outfit when he sets up his stand, and his facial expressions are perfection. There are illustrations that accompany the stories Rufus writes as well, giving each one a distinctive flair.

What Left Me Wanting More:
As much as I love Rufus’s stories, I do wish we could see more of his own. The stories take over a significant portion of the book, and some of that time could have been used to explore a little more about the author himself.

Though most of the illustrations are wonderful, some of them are drawn at awkward angles. This is more so when a landscape is involved, instead of just the characters with a white background. Overall though, the illustrations are fabulous.

Final Verdict:
This is the perfect picture for young readers who love being creative. I know I couldn’t pass up stopping at Rufus’s stand!
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