The Tree of Bells

The Tree of Bells
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April 26, 1999
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In this delightful sequel to The Ornament Tree, Bonnie leaves for college, but before she leaves she urges Clare to keep her dangerous secret from the loving, unconventional family who lives in the big, old Seattle boarding house. But Bonnie's secret is not all that concerns Clare. While letters bring word of her cousin's determined pursuit of a medical career, Clare wonders about her own future. She does not have Bonnie's fierce ambition, and she is unsure of what she wants for herself. She is in love with a man she believes loves someone else, and it often seems that everyone takes her for granted. But when Clare finds an abused child and his dog, their perilous world shows her where she is needed, and a mysterious young man shows her where she is wanted.

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Reader reviewed by Bookworm9

"The Tree of Bells" picks up where "The Ornament Tree" leaves off, but instead of following Bonnie's life as she tries to become a doctor, the book follows her prickly younger cousin Claire, who feels she is not as special as Bonnie and doesn't know where she belongs in life. In Bonnie's absence, Claire spends more time with fractitious boarder Carson Younger, who continually pushes her life in new directions, and she also tries to help an abused boy and his dog. Claire's gradual coming-of-age is just as interesting as Bonnie's, and the book goes in directions that readers of "The Ornament Tree" might not expect.
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