The Lion Who Stole My Arm

The Lion Who Stole My Arm
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February 25, 2014
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Pedru has always wanted to be a great hunter like his father, but after a lion takes his arm, he worries that he’ll always be the crippled boy instead. Pedru longs to kill the lion that mauled him and strengthens himself to be ready for the hunt. But when the opportunity arises, will Pedru have the strength to turn his back on revenge? Zoologist Nicola Davies perfectly merges a heart-pounding adventure with an important message about conservation, and Annabel Wright’s gorgeous black-and-white illustrations bring Pedru’s story to life.

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Pedru has a happy life in his village, but when he is coming home with his friends one night, they are out after dark, and Pedru is attacked by a lion. He loses his arm, but luckily, not his life. His father is the best hunter in the village, and points out that even though Pedru no longer has two arms, he still has the powers of observation that a good hunter needs. Pedru is determined to find the lion who attacked him, and when another villager is killed, Pedru and his father go hunting. They kill a lion, but it is not the lion they wanted. It did, however, have on a radio collar, which they return to the lion observation station. There, they learn that scientists are tracking and studying lions in the hopes that they can keep people safe from lion attacks by knowing where the lions are, and also by informing people of lion safety tips. Pedru decides to pursue this further, and eventually goes to college to study lions, and his whole family ends up working for a business that conducts lion tours.

This slim volume had excellent information about what it is like to live in a fairly wild part of Africa and deal with the wildlife there. The scene where Pedru loses his arm is not overly graphic, and this would be a good book from about 3rd grade up. Pedru's initial reaction (to kill the lion) and his later realization (that lions need to be protected) make this interesting for middle school students as well. I certainly learned a lot about Africa.
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