Mira's Diary Home Sweet Rome

Mira's Diary  Home Sweet Rome
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April 02, 2013
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As if traveling to a new country in search of her missing mother weren't difficult enough, Mira has to do it dressed as a boy. In a different century.

A new postcard from her time-traveling mother points Mira to the 16th century Rome. But before she can rescue her mom, she must follow the clues left around the city to find Giordano Bruno, a famous thinker and mathematician, who discovered something so shocking that important Italian officials don't want it revealed. All the while avoiding the Watchers—time-traveling police who want Mira back in her own time.

It's another whirlwind adventure for Mira, and this time she is determined to bring her mother out of the past. 

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Tween Time Travel Tale Continues
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This is a fun time travel series perfect for tween and younger readers. In the first book we're introduced to Mira who finds out her missing mother is in fact a time traveler on an important mission. Now Mira goes to Rome with her brother and father in order to help her mother on another time travel quest.

Love the journal entries that add to the charm of this series. Huge pluses include weaving in historical information about such things as how the Renaissance wasn't all that perfect with the Inquisition and the treatment of Jewish people. Mira's adventures have her searching for Giordano Burno who was burned at the stake for heresy. These people did exist and the author tells the fate of others in the author notes.

One fascinating concept that the author touches on is string theory and the possible consequences of time travel. We see history unwind through the eyes of the tween time traveler. This includes the lush beauty and also harsh realities of 16th century Rome. Yes, the smells must have been very intense!

Adventurous tale that takes readers to 16th century Rome with a time traveler tween who longs to find her mother while also being swept up in the intrigue of Renaissance Rome. A must add to any school/library collection.
Good Points
1. Fun time travel series that shows fun historical facts
2. Journal like entries add to charm
3. Love how author shows string theory in a way that's fairly easy to understand
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