Pirates vs. Cowboys

Pirates vs. Cowboys
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March 12, 2013
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It is a sad and sorry day when Burnt Beard the Pirate and his scurvy crew swagger into Old Cheyenne looking to bury their treasure. Black Bob McKraw—terror of the Wild West—and his posse don't take too kindly to pirates invading their town. And to add insult to injury, the pirates and cowboys can't understand a lick of what the others are saying. None of them cowboys speak Pirate, and none of them pirates speak Cowboy. Who will save the day before these sorry—and stinky!—bilge rats and yellow-bellied varmints draw their cutlasses and six-shooters?

From the creator of the hilarious Creepy Carrots, comes the story of a simple misunderstanding that almost meant the end of Old Cheyenne.

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Eccentric characters, colloquial prose, and colorful, lively illustrations come together to create a humorous, silly story that also teaches a lesson about finding common ground with those who are very different from you. Readers who love adventurous stories and humor will enjoy this book!
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