The Short Seller

The Short Seller
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May 07, 2013
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Look out Wall Street—Lindy Sachs is about to make some serious cash. A twelve-year-old takes on the stock market in this money-minded middle grade novel.

It all starts when seventh grader Lindy Sachs is granted $100 and access to her father’s online trading account as a way to alleviate her boredom while she’s home sick from school.

Lindy learns something immediately—she is very, very good at e-trading. Her $100 becomes $200. Then $400. And more. With trading talent and access to her parents’ savings, the opportunity to make some real dough is too tempting to pass up. In fact, given how well Lindy’s stocks are doing, it would be a disservice to not invest it all… Right?

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Why children don't play the stock market!
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Lindy isn't great in math, and hasn't been feeling well. When she is diagnosed with mono, she ends up staying home, and her father asks her to buy some stock for him, since the markets close at 4:00 p.m. and he can't do this from work. Intrigued by how quickly it is possible to make money, and sick and disappointed because she can't take ice skating lessons as planned, Lindy gets $100 from her father to invest as she sees fit. When her money does well, she decides that since her parents have so much money just gathering dust, that she should invest some of that as well. Armed with a couple of books and some internet tips, Lindy spends her days trading stock. She earns a bit, but things go bad and she loses a huge amount of her parents' money. Trying to get it back, she invests in a blow dryer manufacturing business her sister tells her is in trouble, and manages to earn the money back. She breathes a sigh of relief until her father is accused of insider trading, and she has to confess to her wrong doing and hope to get her father off.
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This certainly has a lot of good information about the stock market, and lots of math. If math teachers are looking for a novel to use in the classroom, this might be it. This author won the 2011 Cybils Middle Grade Fiction Award for Nerd Camp.
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