Mira's Diary Lost in Paris

Mira's Diary  Lost in Paris
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September 04, 2012
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When Mira receives a cryptic postcard from her missing mother, she sets off with her father and brother to find her in Paris. Only Mira doesn't know she's looking in the wrong century.

With an innocent touch to a gargoyle sculpture on the roof of Notre Dame, Mira is whisked into the past. There she learns her mother isn't just avoiding the family, she's in serious trouble. Following her mother's clues, Mira travels through time to help change history and bring her mother home.

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I really love this premise of a girl who finds out she's able to time travel in hopes of stopping bad things from happening. In this case, Mira finds out her long lost mother is in fact a time traveler. One day, out of the blue, her family receives a post card from her from the wrong century. What happens next finds Mira finding clues from her mother on how to help change history. Mira only wants to find her mother and bring her home.

This adventurous tale has bits of Paris history laced throughout. While on her travels, Mira meets famous Impressionist artists such as Degas. Also she finds that anti-Semitism is in this city well known for it's romance and rich history. For example we find out that a Jewish journalist working in Paris at the time, after he sees the angry response to Dreyfus, developed the theory of Zionism--assimilation didn't work and Jews could only be safe in their own country. I didn't know this!

What works for this story is how the history behind the Dreyfus Affair are given in such a way that it doesn't feel like a history dump. Mira finds herself not only around those involved in historical events but also becomes a valid part of it all. The jumps in time gave this a tween Time Travelers Wife feel. The illustrations also add a journal flare. And of course, Paris. What's not to love about that?

What I did want to see was more of the Paris backdrop. Also I found it kind of hard at times to really think her father wouldn't have warned Mira about what really happened to her mother.

A adventurous new time traveling series that adds historical facts in a fun new way. Sure to appeal to those who love time travel stories!
Good Points
1. Fun time travel adventure to 1880s Paris
2. Interesting reveals about Paris
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