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Reader reviewed by GirlwiththeBraids

Regular Guy
by Sarah Weeks

In this clever novel, Sarah Weeks writes down the feelings of a sixth grader who thinks that he doesn't belong in the right family.

Guy Strang wondered about his odd, red-head mother and his weird fater. Guy had nothing in common with them. He had straight braown hair and a cleft chin. He could not have been related to these people!

After searching the school files with his best friend, Buzz, Guy finds out that there is another sixth grader who shares his birthdate: the nose-picker Bob-o Smith, who had red hair like his mother.

While sneaking around Mr. and Mrs. Smith's house, Buzz and Guy realized something. Mr. and Mrs. Smtih both had straight hair and a cleft chin... just like Guy! It all made sense now. Bob-o and Guy must have been switched at birth!

Buzz and Guy talked to Bob-o about their realization and they all agreed on a plan, clever might I add.

In the end, Bob-o and Guy understand where they came from and where they belong.

In short terms:
This novel is about a boy finding who he really is and discovering that he belonged where he was in the first place.

This book is not as well-written as some of Sarah Week's other books (considering that it this her first one, I understand) but it is worth reading.

Regular Guy
by Sarah Weeks
120 pages
ISBN: 0-06-440782-9
US $4.95/ $7.50 CAN
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