I Like Old Clothes

I Like Old Clothes
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August 14, 2012
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I like old clothes, / Hand-me-down clothes, / Worn outgrown clothes, / Not-my-own clothes. . . . Originally published by Knopf in 1976 (with illustrations by Jacqueline Chwast), this poem—an exuberant celebration of hand-me-down clothes—is just as relevant and accessible today as it was over 30 years ago. Children's Poet Laureate Mary Ann Hoberman offers a bouncy, fun-to-read-aloud text and a refreshingly agreeable, resourceful protagonist who likes old clothes for their "history" and "mystery." Illustrator Patrice Barton brings new, contemporary life to the poem, with an adorable little girl and her younger brother playing dress-up, making crafts, and happily treasuring their hand-me-downs.

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Ah! Another book illustrated by Patrice Barton. I LOVE her illustrations. And this old-but-new poem reinvents itself with her exuberant drawings of cute kids trying on and wearing and sporting all kinds of different old clothes. This is a great book to expose to kids to show them the value of things, stuff--even if they are old. It could even help thrifty parents have a chance to talk about why they get hand-me-downs, or why Mommy likes to go to the second-hand store. I LOVED "I Like Old Clothes," and I'm pretty sure you and your kids will too!
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