The Capture (Animorphs Book 6)

The Capture (Animorphs Book 6)
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March 01, 2012
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It was bad when Jake found out his brother was one of them. A Human-Controller. A slave. But that was nothing compared to this.

When the Animorphs decide to visit the Yeerks' new base, it seems simple. But then they get caught and Jake falls -- just for a moment -- into the Yeerk pool.

Now they're out, and his friends can't see it. To them he's just like normal. But Jake is screaming for help. His worst fear has finally come true. He's become the enemy.

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Finally Some Yeerk Inner Thoughts
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Finally we get a glimpse at the Controller experience in the sixth installment of the Animorphs series, The Capture. Unfortunately for us, it’s Jake who gets an intergalactic space slug in his brain. But fortunately for us, it all works out as we all know thanks to the fact that there are fifty some odd books in the series.

All this drama goes down thanks to a pretty smart (yet terrible) plan by the Yeerks. They have installed a portable Yeerk pool in a local hospital to make involuntary hosts out of unsuspecting hospital patients. The Yeerks have timed this just right as the governor of the unnamed Animorphs’ state (we’re protecting their identity, remember) is about to go under the knife. What makes this even more advantageous for the Yeerks is that said governor plans to run for president in the next election. That’s a great person to have on your side during a space invasion. Jake gets a slug in his head during a mishap in their mission to destroy the portable Yeerk pool.

The best part of this book is the drama of it all! Will Jake escape free and clear? Can the Animorphs keep a watchful enough eye on him to ensure that he doesn’t escape as a Controller? Will the Yeerk force him to morph into some deadly creature and injure another Animorph? The suspense was killing me!

Another great part of this book is getting some more Yeerk history out of Temrash One-One-Four, the Yeerk who has grabbed control of Jake’s body. We learn how Yeerks evolved, what species they began to infest on their home world, and how the Yeerk story progressed from there. Obviously, Temrash leaves out just the right amount of information to keep us hooked for the story reveals as the series progresses. On to the next book!
Good Points
We get to know the inner thoughts of a Yeerk.
Some key points of Yeerk history are revealed.
A lot of suspense thanks to an Animorph turned Controller!
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