You Are A Star!

You Are A Star!
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September 18, 2012
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When it's time to sleep, the night might seem dark and scary, but in this unique bedtime story, readers take a journey through the night sky to the moment a star is born. Starting as a fire in the sky that explodes into millions of pieces, stars eventually become part of Earth with all the living things on it-meaning that everyone has a little bit of stardust inside them. With a light dose of science and a reassuring tone, readers will know that they never have to be afraid of the dark as long as the stars are shining.

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The description of this book says that the contents have a light dose of science, but to be honest, the dose is so light, I had a hard time finding it. The story tells a child that she came from the stars and she and the stars are one. Then the story explores outer space and delivers the Big Bang theory (exploding star, debris drifing for millions of years and then coalescing into a planet with rocks, trees, water, people etc). And then it assures the child that everything in the world has the star inside of it and the child itself is a star.

I did some research online to figure out what the publisher meant by science, and I discovered that the Hubble telescope found similar elements all throughout the universe, which led people to say we are like the stars. I think if you wanted to read this book to a child, you'd need to explain that because it isn't in the story. As it stands, the story sounds like a combination of the Big Bang theory and New Age philosophy, and it just wasn't for me or for my family.
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